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Ethemba Communicator

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Ethemba Communicator is a standalone solution for end-to-end secure multimedia and data communication. It allows for an easy-to-use, out of the box communication in voice, text, and document transfer scenarios with high-grade security. Moreover, it also allows for the secure and easy connection of attached devices and networks. Ethemba Com is Plug & Play. No specialist knowledge is needed for managing or using even large device fleets.

At the core of the security concept is establishment of communication between peer devices such that each device independently ensures the protection and verifies the integrity of the peer.

An essential aspect is the independent operation of the security protection on each device which does not require any central service for security checks. By using unique Trusted Computing features, Ethemba Com achieves end-to-end security with unprecedented simplicity and efficiency. Ethemba Com shows a highly relevant use case for TC technologies such as secure boot, remote attestation, and secure key management.

Watch the live Demonstration of the Prototype below.

Ethemba Communicator_Tablet Demo

Ethemba Communicator technical presentation.

Additional Information:

Novalyst IT AG is a R&D consultancy focusing on applied and mobile security innovations. From the beginning, we have been adopting Trusted Computing in our technology concepts and developments with our clients.

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