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Soon a release of Ethemba (Ethemba Trusted Host Environment Mainly Based on Attestation) will be published.

Ethemba is a multi-purpose demonstration end development framework to address the needs in TPM related software development.

The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) as specified by the TCG offers a variety of possibilities to establish trusted environments in different applications. There are exisiting solutions, providing a software stack to access the TPM. One of these is the jTSS framework, a software stack completely written in Java. It is maintained by IAIK/Uni Graz.

High level applications are not adressed in current applications. Ethemba provides a framework including:

  • a virtualised platform with a software emulated TPM
  • Integrated Measurement Architecture by IBM included in the virtualised system
  • a demo implementation of AIK creation
  • a demo of AIK certification by a PCA over a network
  • attestation using the measurements generated by IMA, attesting to a Remote Attestation Server
  • various helpers to build upon for further research & development tasks
  • entirely written in Java
  • virtualised system entirely in open-source software

A first release will be published soon.

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